Play On Development is a company that provides high quality physical education, sport and physical activity for children aged 4 – 11. We offer flexible, individually designed programmes to ensure challenge, progression and improvement in a safe, enjoyable and inclusive learning environment.

Our Vision

  • to inspire, empower and engage a generation of young people to become physically literate;
  • to provide innovative and creative educational experiences, driven by the aspirations of the Welsh assembly Government’s ‘Curriculum for Wales 2022’;
  •  to support the sustainable development of all young people to be confident, competent and healthy movers;
  • to deliver high quality learning programmes for children, teachers, parents and communities;
  • to enhance opportunities to develop children’s literacy and numeracy skills through physical activity;
  • to promote the development of key skills: thinking, problem-solving, ICT, working with others and the Curriculum Cymraeg through active learning.
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