Thank you for taking part in this short survey, although you do not need to enter your name or email address it will allow us to use the data more understand more about our customer needs if you do provide them. All forms are totally confidential and only used within Play On Development.

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Would you be interesting in online sessions for your child(ren)
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Would you be interested in live and/or prerecorded streaming sessions (Facebook, YouTube etc)
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We are are anticipating that future sessions would be around £3.50 per session or £14.00 paid every 4 weeks by invoice. Which option would you prefer? £3.50 (Per session)£14.00 (4 Weekly)Not bothered

We aim to provide sessions every day, which day would be ideal for you?

Best time? 9am - 12pm12pm - 3pm3pm - 5pm

Would you be interested if buying some of our merchandise at a good price to use with our online sessions

Would you be interested in 1 on 1 online activities for your child(ren)

On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, would you recommend Little Legends to someone else? 12345678910

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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